Let’s Talk: Hilary Duff’s new single, “Chasing the Sun.”

It’s been 7 years since Hilary Duff’s last album, Dignity, was released topping the charts at #3 in the US. It’s also been over ten years since she starred in the beloved Disney… Continue reading

New: Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix

I’ve recently uploaded the mix for July — Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix.     It contains nearly all of the tracks from her sixth studio album. I left out Blur and Mmm… Continue reading

New: Miley Cyrus Megamix [2014]

My new Miley Cyrus Megamix has been uploaded to the channel. It includes Party in the USA, 7 Things, Wrecking Ball, Can’t Be Tamed and We Can’t Stop, which I think is an… Continue reading

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster Album Review

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster Album Score: 90/100 Top 3 Tracks: Bad Romance, Dance in the Dark, Speechless   Bad Romance: 10/10 Probably the most iconic and catchiest single of Lady Gaga’s career.… Continue reading

New: Kelly Clarkson Megamix

My mix for Kelly Clarkson’s biggest hits is up on my Youtube channel. Check it out! I am working on an extended mix, but obviously, they’re insanely long and take a bit of… Continue reading

Madonna: Ray of Light Album Review

Madonna: Ray of Light Album Score: 85/100 Top 3 Tracks: Ray of Light, Frozen, Mer Girl Drowned World/Substitute for Love: 8/10 The track sets the tone and mood for Madonna’s seventh studio album.… Continue reading

NEW: Taylor Swift Megamix

My new and improved Taylor Swift Megamix has been uploaded to my channel. I made one about two years ago and I’ve improved since then and she’s released a new album, so I… Continue reading

NEW: Britney Spears – B In The Mix vol. 1 Megamix

I just recently uploaded a new megamix — Britney Spears’ remix album, B in the Mix vol. 1 This was just a little side project that didn’t take much time to do. Remixes… Continue reading

3rd Faze: Album Review

3rd Faze: 3rd Faze Album Review Score: 55/100 Top 3 Tracks: Go Slow, Throw the Roses, Go for It   Shy: 7/10 Released as the lead single, Shy showcased 3rd Faze as that… Continue reading

New Ke$ha Megamix

I’ve uploaded a new Ke$ha (I don’t know if I’m allowed to write the $ anymore) megamix up to my channel, both in a shortened and extended form.     Due to copyright… Continue reading