Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Surprise! I Didn’t Do The Mix For August I Said I Would Do. Deal With It.

In my update about August, I posted that I was planning on completing a 2012 Chart Toppers mix and a P!nk mix. Well, I totally lied. Sort of. I am working on those,… Continue reading

So I Don’t Like GaGa’s “Applause”: GIF Confession from a GaGa Fan

So Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” leaked out over the weekend, thus forcing the record company to release it today. Not to be outdone, Lady GaGa declared a “pop emergency” and released her… Continue reading

Coming Up in August . . .

This will be just a short update on what I’m working on and what’s coming out for the month of August. I actually have the whole rest of the year planned with what… Continue reading

Christina Aguilera: The Xtina X-Tended Megamix is here!

So after four months of audio/video editing, 12 hours of rendering and 5 hours of uploading, my newest megamix of Christina Aguilera is finally done and up on my channel! This beast of… Continue reading