Christina Aguilera: The Xtina X-Tended Megamix is here!

So after four months of audio/video editing, 12 hours of rendering and 5 hours of uploading, my newest megamix of Christina Aguilera is finally done and up on my channel!

This beast of a mix took me a really long time to finish. (To put it in perspective, I got engaged and married while working on it.)  This is a 2.0 mix a.k.a. “I can do that first one better.” My first Xtina mix wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would have turned out. With this one, I was determined to take my time and just get it as perfect as I could. I also felt comfortable allowing the mix to be as long as it needed to be. I didn’t want to rush the songs and just let them and the transitions breathe. I certainly had the advantage, this technically being my 3rd Xtina mix. Her songs are so difficult to mix and transition well together. All of her songs are so different in tempo, style and beat. I took what I thought I did best in my first one (Dirrty and Lady Marmalade mashed up with Express, Come on Over transition with Ain’t No Other Man) and improved on those in this one.


With this mix, I was also determined to do a few different things than other Xtina mixes I’ve seen on Youtube. I didn’t want to start off with Genie, and I didn’t want to do the traditional transitions of Genie to Can’t Hold Us Down to Fighter. I think I created a mix that is not only stands out, but also showcases Christina’s entire career as of 2013. I believe that this, is one of my best mixes so far.


My thoughts on Christina: Christina’s first album was definitely a staple for me growing up. However, I did kind of stop listening to her once her Stripped days started and didn’t really get back to liking her until Back to Basics. I like her better when she’s classic Xtina, and not trying to be too overtly sexual. I’d argue that, with the exception of Beautiful, Xtina hasn’t really matched the success of Genie in a Bottle or her first album, although I did love the Back to Basics era. I think if the B2B album were released today, she’d have been more successful.


Favorite Christina song: Come on Over (Video Version) – This is just a fun, classic pop song to me that lets her belt out that beautiful voice without overpowering the song. Plus, I love that dance breakdown in the middle. I also really wanted those blue pants and to bejewel my bellybutton when I was younger.


Favorite Christina video: Your Body, actually. I’m not a big fan of the original version of the song, although I like the remix I used, which is the Country Club Martini mix. But I just love this video — the muted color palette, the way Xtina looks in it, the story. It’s just a lot of fun.


And there you go, Fighters! Hope you enjoy the new mix!