Coming Up in August . . .

This will be just a short update on what I’m working on and what’s coming out for the month of August. I actually have the whole rest of the year planned with what megamixes I’m doing, but obviously sometimes things take longer or I get more done than expected. The former happens more often than the latter.

Usually, I try to only release one megamix a month so as not to get overloaded, but August is a little different. First, I’m planning on finishing the 2012 Chart Toppers Megamix. It’s been a shelved project since February and I’m just ready to get it done before 2013 is over. The audio should be finished by the end of this week, with the vid up on my channel hopefully by the end of next week. Again, this is all tentative.


Second, what I originally had August reserved for, is the P!nk megamix. I worked on this simultaneously with the Xtina mix, but then stopped working on it altogether to focus on Xtina completely. It’s been coming along a lot quicker than I thought, which is why I feel comfortable releasing another megamix on top of it. It will definitely be done by the end of the month. Maybe. But probably. Fingers crossed.


And that’s what’s coming out in August. I have so many projects that I’m excited to work on this year, plus I have to find something to do for Youtube’s channel trailer video thing that they have up. I have no ideas for that, really. Most likely by the time I figure something cool out for it, they’ll change the layout and take it out entirely. Plus, nobody really watches those things anyway.