Surprise! I Didn’t Do The Mix For August I Said I Would Do. Deal With It.

In my update about August, I posted that I was planning on completing a 2012 Chart Toppers mix and a P!nk mix. Well, I totally lied. Sort of. I am working on those, but I ended up getting stuck on both of them. I have been working on the Chart Toppers one since February and it is so close to being finished, yet so far. I hope to have it done at least by the end of the year. As for P!nk, I really want to do a mix of her discography. I got about halfway through with it and I just was not liking the way it was turning out. I’ve been so burned out after doing the Xtina mix, and this P!nk one is looking to be just as long and just as exhausting. So I’ve put it aside for awhile. I’m thinking I need to scrap what I have and start back at square one with it.

For me personally this month, in order to keep my sanity, take a break, but still put something out there, I decided to do a relatively easy mix. I went with Mika.


I was introduced to Mika my first year in college by a roommate who has way better taste in music than I do. “Grace Kelly” is a pop song that I will just never get tired of hearing. I wasn’t planning on doing a Mika mix, at least not for a long time, but I stumbled across remixes of “Love Today” and “Big Girl” that I really enjoyed, and completed the mix in just under a week. I say that this mix is “easier” in the sense that I mostly just strung a few remixes together. I also remixed “Grace Kelly” up a little bit by adding a harder drum beat and a few effects to it. I put a lot of hours into the mix, don’t get me wrong, but certainly not as many as I’ve put into recent ones. Plus, no one was really clamoring for a Mika mix so I didn’t feel the need to impress anyone.


In doing this mix, I was introduced to Mika’s latest, “Popular Song,” which samples “Popular” from the Broadway musical, Wicked. I tell you, this song has been stuck in my head ever since. It’s my new “Grace Kelly,” I guess. I really wanted to include the song, but couldn’t find a good remix to really fit in well with it. I think I did an ok job of transitioning to it from “We Are Golden,” but it’s certainly far from perfect. I just couldn’t leave this little gem out.

While I was working with the instrumental of “Popular Song,” I also kept starting to instinctively hum Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” along with it. So in addition, I created this little mashup.

I’m not the best with mashups. I don’t do very many of them, but I do like the way this one turned out. I think it makes “Our Song” much more pop-py.


And that’s all for August, I suppose. Sorry I couldn’t get to what I posted I was going to do. I should create some sort of disclaimer at the end of those update posts. I’m taking a break this week (I’m not even opening FL Studio — not once!) and then gearing up for September.

Favorite Mika song: Grace Kelly. Like I said, never get tired of hearing it. One of the most perfect pop songs. I wish the video was a little more colorful though.


Favorite Mika video: I haven’t watched all of his videos, but I do like the “Popular Song” vid, solely for the purpose that Mika sounds like Harry from Potter Puppet Pals in it.