Coming up in September . . .

Hey everyone! Here’s the update for the month of September!


I just uploaded two — TWO —  previews to my Youtube channel. This month is a little different. I’m mixing Britney Spears’ greatest hits album, My Prerogative, but I’m doing an extended version and a short version. Both will feature all of the songs on the album, but the extended will have a verse and chorus, while the short version will have just the choruses with more of a mashup type feel. The extended version will be about twenty minutes long, while the short version will be around seven to eight minutes. 

I like doing longer mixes since it allows me more room to let the songs and transitions breathe, But I’m sure the casual viewer to my mixes doesn’t always want to watch for over ten minutes, so I’m trying to get better at doing shorter ones too. I’m only going to do extended and short versions of a few mixes — GaGa, Ke$ha etc. — so it’s not going to be a usual thing. It is a lot of work to do two mixes in one month, even if one is much shorter. 

So I hope you enjoy the Britney previews. The audio for both mixes is almost done, so the videos should be uploaded by the end of the month. See you then!

Preview of the Extended Mix:


Preview of the Short Version Mix: