B*Witched: B*Witched Album Review

B*Witched: B*Witched Album Review


Score: 68/100

Top 3 Tracks: C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster, Blame it on the Weatherman

Let’s Go (The B*Witched Jig): 5/10 – Not much to really say here, since it has one lyric and the rest is  a fast-paced jig-down. It’s a good intro to the album and the general sound of B*Wtiched — pop meshed with Irish influences. Probably the track you’ll skip the most, unless you’re a fiddle enthusiast.

C’est La Vie: 9/10 – Ah! I loved this song as a kid. This was the song to my whole childhood and I could not get enough of it. It’s catchy, makes you want to dance, and like any good pop song, it’s actually about sex, but you didn’t catch onto that as a kid. It even has a fun Irish jig breakdown in the middle and by the last choruses, you can’t help but sing. Good summertime, feel-good pop song.

Rev It Up: 7/10 – A good mellow song that you can certainly play while driving down the highway with the top down. It doesn’t stick with you very much afterwards, but it’s a good song to bring you down from the uptempos of the previous tracks.

To You I Belong: 6/10 – A nice slow song about the girls’ mothers. The lyrics are a little trite and cliched. The fact that they have this kind of a song will certainly draw comparisons to the Spice Girls who released “Mama” a year earlier. I feel like it’s a little odd to have it on the album, let alone so early in the tracklist, and coming after “C’est La Vie.” It’s a nice sweet song, but I would have preferred if the lyrics were more of a love song.

Rollercoaster: 9/10 – Another good upbeat song, just as good as C’est La Vie. I love the harmonies of the girls on the track, particularly on the chorus.

Blame it on the Weatherman: 8/10 – I love the guitar throughout on this song. It’s so soft, so simple and I would love to find just an acoustic version of it. The girls’ harmonies blend so seamlessly on the track. Everything about it is easy to listen to.

We Four Girls: 4/10 – From here on out, it seems like the girls experiment more with different kinds of pop genres. We Four Girls is more rock — as rock as a glossy pop act is allowed to get, I guess. I like that they try and they exude some charisma and attitude in it, but the lyrics just don’t match that attitude. “So get it/When you got it/Just keep it, good,” not exactly rocker sounding. Good points are that the song stretches Edele’s vocals, and that it’s mercifully short

Castles in the Air: 5/10 – Put this song on if you want to fall asleep. It’s so ethereal and heavenly sounding, perfectly in tune with the lyrics. A different kind of song than the others, but at this point, I’m realizing that there aren’t really any songs explicitly about teenage love or boys, except C’est La Vie. Nothing in this song implies that it’s explicitly about a boy or even love. The lyrics sound more like To You I Belong 2.0

Freak Out: 5/10 – What I like about this track is you can hear more of Sinead’s, Lindsay’s and Keavy’s voices, particularly in the verses. Edele is the lead and she certainly overshadows the others, so it’s nice to hear them stand out more. Kind of a strange sounding party song, and one where their personalities seem to alienate the listener. Lyrics such as “We’re so friendly to the better-looking guys/Watching them wiggle in front of our eyes” or “See that sucker in the crazy looking shoes/Seriously bad bad news.” I picture the girls at the party just doing this:


Not the kind of people I’d want to party with.

Like the Rose: 7/10 – I like this song. I love the piano, and one of the few that is a love song. It doesn’t say much about love other than “You light up my life, I always think about you, we should be together, please don’t break my heart,” but it’s nice to hear them sing about romantic love.

Never Giving Up: 5/10 – This song is pretty fun, in the same vein as C’est La Vie and Rollercoaster. It’s like C’est La Vie — getting a boy to like you, although it can come off a bit stalker-ish. “I been waiting outside your place/Waiting a long time now/And I’ve been calling” It’s a fun beat, but those lyrics leave you questioning.

Oh Mr. Postman: 6/10 – Another weird song on the album that just comes out of nowhere, genre-wise. It’s sweet, sounds good, and tells a nice story, but it probably fits at the end simply because it doesn’t fit in with any other song.

Conclusion: Definitely an album that is aimed mostly at pre-teens, especially with the lack of songs about crushes, boys etc. It’s mostly about hanging with your girlfriends, which is refreshing for a teen pop album. They’re about having fun, not necessarily getting boys to like them. C’est La Vie is the catchiest, but also the raciest song on the list, and the rest of the tracks are ultra-tame in comparison. Genre-wise, it’s not the most consistent album — it goes across a wide spectrum of pop — and only the songs that are strictly pop/Irish influenced (C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster) are a hit. The rest come close, but never fully work. A decent debut album that makes B*Witched stand out just a little more from the other teen pop acts of the era.