Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review


Score: 75/100

Top 3 Tracks: Genie in a Bottle, Come on Over (All I Want is You), Somebody’s Somebody

Genie in a Bottle: 9/10 – Such a classic pop song. What I really like about Genie is that it certainly doesn’t sound like the rest of the teen pop songs that were coming out in this era. It seemed that it would have been easy for Christina’s producers to try to replicate Britney’s Baby One More Time smash and hire the same producers, but they didn’t, and thank goodness. Love the piano riff, the whole instrumental is great. The song is immediately suggestive, even though Christina’s image, particularly on the album’s pics, aren’t. It’s perfect teen pop, with its clever innuendo.

What A Girl Wants: 7/10 – This song allows Christina’s voice to shine a bit more than Genie did. Great position on the album as it lets the listener know that this is a funkier album than the other teen pop out on the market. It sets Xtina apart from her competitors. Love the breakdown in the middle when the song goes all Renaissance-y. Not sure if it’s necessary, but it adds a good break and keeps the song from getting boring.

I Turn To You: 5/10 – Xtina’s voice has built up over the last two tracks, and this one shows the very pinnacle of it when she just belts those notes out in the middle. Apart from that, it’s a standard “hey parents, thanks for being awesome” teen song that doesn’t do much. Lyrics are cliched, and the song is largely forgettable.

So Emotional: 6/10 – Like the mellowness of the track. This smooth soul/R&B style sounds great on Aguilera’s voice and it really suits her. Doesn’t quite hit you as much as Genie or Come on Over does though

Come On Over (All I Want is You): 9/10 – I’d give the album version a 5. It’s forgettable, too teeny-boppery and just brings to mind little 12-13-year-old girl slumber parties. Now the video version of the song though is an entirely different story. Aguilera wisely remixed it and added additional lyrics, making the song more young adult. I love the dance breakdown in the middle of the song. Come on Over is the closest Xtina gets to being Britney, but at the same time, she almost surpasses her  by being much more explicit in her sexual references.

Reflection: 6/10 – The song that started Xtina’s success and introduced her as a powerhouse vocal. I like that they at least kept the Chinese influences in the instrumental. The song is very Disney, so it’s sugary sweet, but every eighteen-year-old girl needs a song about finding herself. The versing towards the middle gets a bit messier and out of place.

Love for All Seasons: 4/10 – I honestly don’t know anyone who would say this is their favorite song on the album, or would even remember this song at all. It’s straight album filler. I don’t like the beginning riff, the rhythm or the melody and I just don’t think it’s the best idea for a love song. Skip it.

Somebody’s Somebody: 9/10 – The song isn’t much more than Xtina wishing she had a boyfriend, but the song is quite enjoyable, and I don’t mind if it’s five minutes long. It has a good beat, good production and her vocals blend very well with the background singers.

When You Put Your Hands on Me: 7/10 – Written by Robin Thicke, so it’s instantly ultra sexy. It’s only really straightforward about sex in the chorus — “When you put your hands on me/I feel sexy/And I lose my self-control” — while the verses border on silly innuendo — “I don’t know if a doll can unwind/I haven’t used a particular noun very much.” I’d say this track is the less clever, less sophisticated cousin of Genie in a Bottle.

Blessed: 6/10 — For me, this is the cutesiest little love ballad on the album. It is just so undeniably sweet and innocent, especially coming right after When You Put Your Hands on Me. It doesn’t really go anywhere or reach the heights of I Turn to You, which is a good thing. The lyrics border on cheesy, but the melody is cute and the song has a nice lightness to it. It’s ok.

Love Will Find a Way: 6/10 — This is really the only song on the album that is cookie cutter teen-pop formula. I’m fine with one or two of these songs on here and it’s at the end of the album, so it’s not that big of a deal. It’s cute, airy, fluffy, non-sequential. You could find yourself bopping along to it in the car, but it’s a style that I don’t think fits Christina.

Obvious: 7/10 – The best ballad on the album comes at the end. It’s stripped down, mostly. The arrangement showcases Xtina’s vocal and she doesn’t oversing it. It closes out the album perfectly, encapsulating what her debut is all about — her impressive vocal talent and the message that she is a girl on the cusp of adulthood.

Conclusion: A strong debut for Christina, which sets her apart from her teen pop peers. On a whole, the album feels more adult, while still throwing in some teeny-bopper numbers in there. Genie in a Bottle is the clear stand-out song from the album, but a few of the other tracks don’t lag behind. Great start that sets her apart from the onslaught of teen pop stars of the era, painting her as a proto-Mariah or Whitney.