Two Previews and One Megamix

Hey everyone! This will be an update of sorts for the month of November.

First, I hinted  a couple of posts ago that my next mix was going to be Lady Gaga. I’ve just uploaded the previews onto my channel:

The Short Version

The Extended Version:

I’m doing just what I did for the Britney one — an extended megamix that will include a verse and chorus, and a shortened mix. I was hoping to release them by the end of  October — just in time for ARTPOP, but a number of issues came up — the Britney mixes took a little longer than expected, I haven’t had much inspiration or desire to work on them, and I can no longer download Vevo videos off of Youtube, so I’ve had to go the non-illegal route and buy them off Itunes. But the mixes are coming along. The short one will probably be finished first, hopefully by the end of November. The extended version should be out sometime in December, if all goes according to plan. The mix will include Applause and any singles released from ARTPOP during November.

Next, I did get some inspiration for a 2.0 megamix — B*Witched. This mix was fairly easy because I had already done one and so I knew what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to improve upon, and it only took me a week. I’ve been wanting to redo this mix for awhile since it’s my most popular upload, but I’ve definitely improved since then. I really wanted to use the music videos for it and make it all nice and pretty, but unfortunately several B*Witched videos have been deleted off of Youtube. Hopefully, they’ll come back one day and I’ll snatch them up real quick and make a proper video. But enjoy the music at least. What I really liked is that this mix gave me a reason to listen to their new single, Love and Money, and it has become my new favorite song, so you should check it out if you love the band. I hope they’re able to release a new album soon.

And that’s all the updates for November. I’m working on several mixes all at once so I might release some stuff between now and December that I wasn’t really planning on. Either way, I hope to get the Gaga one done soon. And I have a special mix I’m working on for December. See you guys later!

Favorite Song: “Love and Money”

I would have said Rollercoaster, but now it’s Love and Money. I love this song and I want a video for it so bad. I like the guitar riff, the chorus, the way Edele and the other girls sound, and just how it feels current without trying to do what’s popular today. It shows their maturity as a group and I really hope it does well. 

Favorite Video: Rollercoaster

Jump Down is a close second because of their look and those dance moves, but Rollercoaster is a lot more fun and interesting to watch. I like the beach town setting (makes me reminisce about good ol’ California) and I like the cheesy bubble scene where they start flying for no reason whatsoever. Magic, I guess. Plus, they still got that whole denim thing going on. You know it’s denim overload because even Edele’s hat is denim.