2000’s Multi-Female Artists Megamix [Hey Ladies Edition]

My newest megamix has been uploaded onto my channel.



The original name for it was The Lost Girls of Teen Pop, but that title doesn’t necessarily fit all of the artists in the mix, especially for Blu Cantrell. I’d say she’s a woman and her song wasn’t necessarily geared towards the teen girl demographic, but it was still a song I enjoyed when it came out. Plus, you still hear it quite often in Hollywood Week on American Idol.

I had been wanting to do this type of mix for awhile now and I had tried it out a couple of years ago, so it was nice to come back to it. It was also nice to do a megamix of a bunch of different artists. As I’ve said in previous posts, I really grew up with the music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, so I listened to these songs constantly. I still love to go back to them and feel like I’m ten again.

I plan on doing more editions of these, including a Lost Boys version. I plan on including artists like Samantha Mumba, Play, Innosense, No Secrets, Mikaila, Hoku, LFO, 5ive, Youngstown, Dreamstreet etc. There are so many more groups and artists that were forgotten in the teen pop era and I want to give them their time to shine and also give a chance for other people to become fans of them. If you can think of any others, let me know on the blog or on the comments section of the video.

Lady Gaga Mix will be out soon!

Favorite Song: “He Loves U Not” by Dream

I loved these ladies as a kid and I still love their music. I wish they had gotten a bit more success in their careers because their debut album is quite good and the songs that I heard from their second are pretty decent too. I like the cleverness of the lyrics, the piano intro, the pop mixed with R&B flavor of it. I love Holly’s lead vocal and it makes them stand out a little more from other girl groups of the time.

Favorite Video: The Kiss-Off (Goodbye) by Brooke Allison

I’m not saying this is the best video of the mix. This is my favorite because it is just so indicative of what the 2000’s teen pop video genre looked like — glossy, CGI out the whazoo, AOL references(!), the technology, and attempted dancing. The song’s pretty cringe-worthy now, but was at least middle of the pack at the time it came out. But I just love everything about this video. If anybody asks you what the 2000’s looked like, show them this video.