Control the Era: Christina Aguilera – Debut Album Era

Sometimes eras of your faves don’t go as you planned — certain songs from the album weren’t picked for singles, album covers could have been different etc. What if you could control the era, what would you do differently? This is where I like to get creative and try and think about what I would have changed with album covers, tracklists, single releases and even tour setlists. Starting off with:

Christina Aguilera: The Debut Album Era



1. Dreamy Eyes

2. Genie in a Bottle

3. What A Girl Wants

4. So Emotional

5. I Turn to You

6. Come On Over (All I Want is You)*

7. Move It

8. Too Beautiful For Words

9. Somebody’s Somebody

10. Don’t Make Me Love You

11. At Last

Bonus Track: Mi Reflejo

*would use the video version as the original version

Single Releases

1. Genie in A Bottle

kesha remix0005

2. Somebody’s Somebody

Christina Aguilera - Somebody Sombody

3. Dreamy Eyes


4. Come On Over (All I Want Is You)

Christina Aguilera - Come On Over

Christina Aguilera: The Reflection Tour


(Large North American cities only, smaller venues)

1. Come On Over (All I Want is You)

2. So Emotional

3. I Turn to You

4. Don’t Make Me Love You

5. Somebody’s Somebody

6. Dreamy Eyes

7. What a Girl Wants

8. Reflection

9. At Last

10. Genie in a Bottle

What I would change the most from this era is the album cover. I felt the original just made her look so old. So I changed it to a cover that at least makes her look like a teenage pop star, but also conveys that she has a mature adult singing voice. The album isn’t a complete teeny-bopper album, but it has its teen pop hits and Xtina is a teenage girl and the cover should convey that. Over the course of the album’s era, she does become  a more sexual image, but not one that’s too polished, bright or manufactured. It’s more understated.