Control the Era: Britney Spears – Baby One More Time Era

Sometimes eras of your faves don’t go as you planned — certain songs from the album weren’t picked for singles, album covers could have been different etc. What if you could control the era, what would you do differently? This is where I like to get creative and try and think about what I would have changed with album covers, tracklists, single releases and even tour setlists. Starting off with:

Britney Spears: The . . . Baby One More Time Era



1. . . . Baby One More Time

2. You Drive Me Crazy*

3. Sometimes

4. Soda Pop

5. Deep in My Heart

6. I Will Still Love You (ft. Don Phillip)

7. I Will Be There

8. I’ll Never Stop Loving You

9. Thinkin’ About You

10. Born to Make You Happy

11. Luv The Hurt Away (ft. Full Force)

12. Autumn Good-bye

*I would put the Stop! Remix version as the only version on the album

Single Releases

1. . . . Baby One More Time


2. Sometimes

Sometimes [Promo CD]

3. (You Drive Me) Crazy


4. Luv the Hurt Away (ft. Full Force)

images (1)

Britney Spears: In Concert Tour


(Since it’s her debut album, it would be a small North American leg only, in venues like malls, high schools, parks and smaller event venues. Would be a joint tour with other pop acts of the time, including N’SYNC and Joey McIntrye. Would be funded and potentially named after a big sponser, possibly Disney)


1. You Drive Me Crazy

2. Soda Pop

3. Luv the Hurt Away

4. Deep in my Heart

5. Sometimes

6. Baby One More Time

Overall, I would keep Britney’s girl-next-door image through most of the era. With the last released singles of “You Drive Me Crazy” and “Luv the Hurt Away,” she would begin to transition to a sexier image that would pave the way for the Oops! album. With the album, I would want more dance-pop hits over slow ballads, so Autumn Goodbye and Deep in My Heart have replaced From the Bottom and Email My Heart. This makes the album stay true to what hit single Baby One More Time gave the general public — a good-feeling pop song. Also, I would change that god-awful cheap cover for “You Drive Me Crazy.” That was horrendous.