Control the Era: Lady Gaga – The Fame Era

What would you do different? What would you change?

Lady Gaga: The Fame Era



1. The Fame

2. Just Dance

3. LoveGame

4. Paparazzi

5. Pokerface

6. Starstruck

7. Beautiful Dirty Rich

8. Paper Gangsta

9. Boys Boys Boys

10. Money Honey

11. Brown Eyes

12. Retro Dance Freak

The Singles

1. Pokerface


2. Just Dance

3. Paparazzi


4. Paper Gangsta


The Fame Ball Tour Setlist


1. Just Dance

2. Starstruck

3. Paper Gangsta (acoustic version)

4. LoveGame

5. Boys Boys Boys

6. Beautiful Dirty Rich

7. Paparazzi (acoustic version)

8. The Fame

9. Money Honey

10. Retro Dance Freak

11. Poker Face

Most everything about The Fame era for Gaga was sheer perfection. I personally prefer the single Poker Face over Just Dance so I would have made that the debut single. If you’ve read my review of The Fame album, you know I’m not a big fan of Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) as a song, let alone as a single. So I would scrap that ¬†entirely and replace with Paper Gangsta, which fit more with the style of the album and the tone of the singles released.