Ke$ha: Animal Album Review

Ke$ha: Animal Album Review


Score: 80/100

Top 3 Tracks: Animal, Tik Tok, Sleazy

 Your Love is My Drug: 9/10

Great song, just missed my top 3. I love the playfulness of the lyrics, the melody and the catchy chorus and the bridge with the “Hey!/So I got a question/Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?” I even love the “I like your beard” at the end and I find myself saying it constantly.

Tik Tok: 9/10

What a great debut song. Completely encapsulates everything that Ke$ha is. It’s so trashy, but irresistible and it’s a song that was copied over and over in the years following. Love it.

Take It Off: 6/10

This track doesn’t really do it for me. I feel like it’s a little too one-note. I don’t like the “place in France” melody that she used or the severe autotune at the beginning. I like that it has a darker atmosphere, but for me, it’s not very replayable. I think if she would have vocalized and done some runs over the last few choruses, I would have liked it a little better.

Kiss N Tell: 7/10

The song that feels the most like a bubblegum-pop song (damn you, Max Martin! I can’t get away from you!) Not too keen on the high notes towards the end on the chorus, but I like the attitude of it, the flip of the boy being the slut who cheats on her, the background story of the song and that catchy chorus.

Stephen: 5/10

Eh. I don’t like it. The track feels a little off to me, the rhythm is all over the place.  I like the lyrics and the acapella/auto-tune at the beginning, but that’s about it. It’s got this weird vibe where it’s so cutesy, but also harsh at the same time. It’s two different things that don’t work well together here.

Blah, Blah, Blah 8/10

I love the verses much more than the chorus. I also like the naughtiness of the lyrics, that trashy sexuality and how she’s flipped the script on how she views men and herself, like she did in Kiss N Tell. Still not a big fan of the over-use of autotune or 3OH3’s bridge. Ugh.

Hungover: 9/10

This is the kind of Kesha ballad that I like. It’s somber, sad, desperate and just lost. It brings a much-needed balance to her party girl/devil may care persona. I really like the pre-chorus melody too. I wish she would release more ballads like this.

Party at a Rich Dude’s House: 7/10

I knocked this down a couple of points just because it feels too much like an Avril Lavigne song. I like the rocker girl vibe, but it’s too much Avril and not enough Kesha for me. Love her na-na-na-na breakdown after the first chorus. I also like the chaos and anarchy feel to the song — there are just zero f**ks given.

Backstabber: 5/10

I like the tone of her voice on the verses, but I’m not a big fan of the choruses. It’s just not as clever as I think Ke$ha could be with this kind of song.

Blind: 7/10

Another good ballad. I like the beat and it sounds similar to Your Love. I don’t like her high notes on the chorus though. They’re a little grating

Dinosaur: 4/10

God, this song is so dumb. I think it’s definitely a guilty pleasure and one of those songs that is so bad, it’s good, but . . . ugh. I can only listen to it once and that’s it for the year. I get that it’s supposed to be dumb and I give credit to Kesha that she’s probably the only type of singer who can put this song on her album and get away with it. “You can strut around with that sexy tank of oxygen” — only Kesha. And now I can’t spell dinosaur without hearing this song.

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes: 9/10

I don’t like the beginning, but everything else in the song completely trumps it. I love the instrumental, how the guitar just feels slightly off pitch. I love the chorus and the overall sadness of the song. It’s just so satisfying by the end. Great song.

Boots and Boys: 5/10

I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I like the way she sings boots at the beginning. Bah-ooohh-ts. It’s filler and that’s all it is.

Animal: 10/10

This is the kind of Kesha that I love and that I wish people got to see more of. The song and her vocals are just so ethereal  and it’s a great ending to the album proper. Wish it got more airplay as a single because it is fantastic. My fave Kesha song.


Animal is a solid pop album. Kesha’s lyrics for the most part are some of the most clever and best-written in the pop industry and she’s clearly a pretty good songwriter, having written hits for other stars. She goes for broke on her trashy party girl image and it works quite well. The album is combination of fun party hits, dumb pop music and somber ballads (which, oddly enough, are some of the best songs on the album) that bring a balance to her persona and show there’s more there than just glitter and booze. It’s nice to enjoy a star and an album that doesn’t take itself too seriously.