New Ke$ha Megamix

I’ve uploaded a new Ke$ha (I don’t know if I’m allowed to write the $ anymore) megamix up to my channel, both in a shortened and extended form.



Due to copyright restrictions, the extended video has been condensed and put onto a picture. Otherwise, it would have been blocked worldwide.


I really enjoy Kesha’s music, particularly the Cannibal and Warrior eras and I think she’s an artist that should be taken more seriously by the general public. I think sometime down the road I’ll do album mixes for her since I enjoy her music so much. For the extended mix, I had several different openings for it — one for Sleazy, one for Princess Ke$ha and one for Cannibal, but I ultimately settled on the Sleazy opening since I liked it the best. I wanted to give Dirty Love a bigger part, but I couldn’t find any decent remixes and as a song, it just sounds so different than Blow, which is what it would have led into.

As a general update, I am finishing up several mixes all at once, so expect to see more uploads than normal.

Favorite Kesha Song: Animal

I’ve talked about this one before in my album review, but I can’t say enough good things about this song in all its forms. It’s so beautiful, so powerful and fun to dance to. If ever I meet someone who’s never heard of Kesha, this is the song that I will use to introduce them to her.

Favorite Kesha Video: Blow

Hands down, has always been my favorite video of hers. From the unicorn massacre, to the bad acting, to James Van Der Douche to the way it replaces extreme violence with fantasy creatures and rainbows, so many elements of it work. Kesha doesn’t look her greatest, but it’s got that Kesha weirdness and play that makes her stand out.

That’s all for now and I’m looking forward to her new Kesha Rose era.