New: Kelly Clarkson Megamix

My mix for Kelly Clarkson’s biggest hits is up on my Youtube channel. Check it out!

I am working on an extended mix, but obviously, they’re insanely long and take a bit of time. I’m about halfway through with the audio, so hopefully it will be up sometime in July.

This mix was one of the more difficult ones for me. Kelly’s songs are not the easiest to mix together since they’re more organic and less dance-pop. Plus, there are limited available stems, remixes and acapellas available so I worked with what I had. I think it turned out pretty good. Not my best, but decent. The same can be said for the extended one I’m working on. But big props to other Youtubers who have mixed Kelly’s songs and created something really good. Go check out some of the other mixes of her — they’re pretty darn good.

I’ve also uploaded a preview of the Miley Cyrus mix for the month of June. That will be out by the end of the week. I’ve just started on the video and the audio will be up on my Soundcloud account.


Favorite Kelly Clarkson Song: My Life Would Suck Without You

Hands down. The title is stupid, but it’s a more fun version of Since U Been Gone. It is just a rocking song and one that I love to belt out in my car. It always picks me up.

Favorite Kelly Clarkson Video: Since U Been Gone

This was a tough one because I don’t have one video that I absolutely love. Each one has something in it that I don’t like — the song itself (Low, Stronger, Catch My Breath, Never Again) the concept is too cheesy (People Like Us, I Do Not Hook Up, My Life Would Suck Without You,) wardrobe or hair choices (her pants in Behind These Hazel Eyes and Walk Away are unfortunate.)

But Since U Been Gone comes the closest to perfection for me. Her look is nearly spot-on (a little too Avril Lavigne in the clothes, but it was 2004), the video captures the fun of the song and it has a simple and clean concept.