New: Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix

I’ve recently uploaded the mix for July — Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix.



It contains nearly all of the tracks from her sixth studio album. I left out Blur and Mmm Papi because they just didn’t fit with the mix I was trying to create, but mostly cause I think they’re awful songs. However, I included bonus tracks Phonography and Quicksand in their place, which I think makes up for it.

I actually listened to the album for the first time all the way through while I was getting ready to do the mix and I was pretty overwhelmed at first. Circus is so diverse and no track is like the other and so I thought it would be a pretty hard album to cobble together. Luckily, it went pretty smoothly. I even managed to have fun with tracks like Circus, If U Seek Amy and Womanizer.

Of course, the only truly difficult thing was actually doing the video. I tried to keep all of the footage within the era, but by the time I got to Out from Under, I had already used most of it. I didn’t want to do another “sad moments from For The Record” like I did with the Quicksand bit. So I decided to do a looking-back on her past videos and then transition into If U Seek Amy and Womanizer.

I was going to do a singles-only version of the mix, but I shelved it, since the next Britney mix will be her Singles Collection album and I’ll be able to have some fun with that. Thanks for listening!

Favorite Song from the Circus Album: Phonography

I liked this song so much I had to not only include it in the mix, but make it first. I love the rhythm and the sexiness of it and Brit’s new coined word, phonography. I don’t know why it was dumped as a bonus track because it deserved way more than that. Runners up would also be Out From Under, Mannequin and, of course, Circus

Favorite Video from the Circus Era: Circus

This era didn’t have a standout favorite from me that was head and shoulders above the rest. I really like the feel of Circus, that it has so much going and of course, the dancing. But I wish it was a little brighter and that it was a little more spot-on with its moves. Womanizer also is a close one, but I hate her red hair wig and outfit. It looks awful. If U Seek Amy doesn’t have as much naughtiness as I wish it did and Britney’s lazy chair dancing is uninteresting. In fact, she looks rather disinterested throughout much of the video. Radar is just . . . I’ve never liked Radar — the song or the video. It’s too boring, the horse scenes are weird and her make-up in some shots is too much.


Coming up in August: I will be doing a P!nk mix. I have been working on one for nearly a year now and it’s about time I get it done before she releases another album. I’m also finishing up the extended version of Kelly Clarkson and Miley Cyrus, as well as doing an Ariana Grande mix and a Baby One More Time album 2.0 mix. Lots of projects that are just about near completion.