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Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster Album Review

Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster Album Score: 90/100 Top 3 Tracks: Bad Romance, Dance in the Dark, Speechless   Bad Romance: 10/10 Probably the most iconic and catchiest single of Lady Gaga’s career.… Continue reading

Control the Era: Lady Gaga – The Fame Era

What would you do different? What would you change? Lady Gaga: The Fame Era Tracklist: 1. The Fame 2. Just Dance 3. LoveGame 4. Paparazzi 5. Pokerface 6. Starstruck 7. Beautiful Dirty Rich… Continue reading

NEW: Lady Gaga Megamix [2013]

Hey all! As my belated end-of-the-year/holiday gift, I uploaded my new Lady Gaga Megamix to my channel.   This is the “shortened” version, though I don’t really consider 9 minutes as short as… Continue reading

Battle of the Pop Girls: Round 3 – The Second Single

Next up in the Battle of the Pop Girls, the second single, or Battle of the Ballads. Lady Gaga – Do What U Want I think this is probably the most perfect single… Continue reading

Lady GaGa: The Fame Album Review

Lady Gaga: The Fame Album Review (The tracklist is from the international version) Score: 88/100 Top 3 Tracks: Poker Face, Paparazzi, Beautiful, Dirty Rich Just Dance: 8/10 – A great first single and… Continue reading

Battle of the Pop Girls: Round 2 – Music Video

Continuing the Battle of the Pop Girls, here is round 2 — best new music video. Katy Perry – Roar I don’t like this video, I’m just going to come right out and… Continue reading

Two Previews and One Megamix

Hey everyone! This will be an update of sorts for the month of November. First, I hinted  a couple of posts ago that my next mix was going to be Lady Gaga. I’ve… Continue reading

Battle of the Pop Girls: Round 1 – The Lead Single

So the last few months have been pretty exciting in the pop landscape — at least for me, anyway. Highly anticipated new singles from big female artists along with highly anticipated videos and… Continue reading

So I Don’t Like GaGa’s “Applause”: GIF Confession from a GaGa Fan

So Katy Perry’s new single “Roar” leaked out over the weekend, thus forcing the record company to release it today. Not to be outdone, Lady GaGa declared a “pop emergency” and released her… Continue reading