Battle of the Pop Girls: Round 2 – Music Video

Continuing the Battle of the Pop Girls, here is round 2 — best new music video. Katy Perry – Roar I don’t like this video, I’m just going to come right out and… Continue reading

Two Previews and One Megamix

Hey everyone! This will be an update of sorts for the month of November. First, I hinted ¬†a couple of posts ago that my next mix was going to be Lady Gaga. I’ve… Continue reading

Willa Ford: Willa Was Here Album Review

Willa Ford: Willa Was Here Album Review Score: 52/100 Top 3 Tracks: Dare, Don’t You Wish, I Wanna Be Bad I Wanna Be Bad: 8/10 — Probably one of the strongest songs on… Continue reading

Battle of the Pop Girls: Round 1 – The Lead Single

So the last few months have been pretty exciting in the pop landscape — at least for me, anyway. Highly anticipated new singles from big female artists along with highly anticipated videos and… Continue reading

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review Score: 75/100 Top 3 Tracks: Genie in a Bottle, Come on Over (All I Want is You), Somebody’s Somebody Genie in a Bottle: 9/10 – Such a… Continue reading

Britney Spears: The Greatest Hits My Prerogative Album Megamix SHORT VERSION

    And the short version of the megamix is up on my channel now. I’m trying to get better at doing the shorter mixes and I think this one turned out pretty… Continue reading

Britney Spears: The Greatest Hits My Prerogative Album Extended Megamix . . . (deep breath) . . . is out now!

Whoa, that title is a mouthful. It’s about as long as the video is. So this is the mix I’ve been working on for September. It’s only a week late, but that was… Continue reading

B*Witched: B*Witched Album Review

B*Witched: B*Witched Album Review Score: 68/100 Top 3 Tracks: C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster, Blame it on the Weatherman Let’s Go (The B*Witched Jig): 5/10 – Not much to really say here, since it… Continue reading

Britney Spears: . . . Baby One More Time Album Review

Some of you might know that I also have a second channel on Youtube called OnesThatEntertain, which I use only to upload lyric videos. The only creativity on my part that this channel… Continue reading

Coming up in September . . .

Hey everyone! Here’s the update for the month of September! I just uploaded two — TWO — ¬†previews to my Youtube channel. This month is a little different. I’m mixing Britney Spears’ greatest… Continue reading