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Christina Aguilera: Stripped Album Review

Christina Aguilera: Stripped Album Review Score: 67/100 Top 3 Tracks: Beautiful,¬†Walk Away, I’m OK Can’t Hold Us Down:¬†6/10 I like the hip hop beat for Aguilera’s voice and having Lil’ Kim on the… Continue reading

Control the Era: Christina Aguilera – Debut Album Era

Sometimes eras of your faves don’t go as you planned — certain songs from the album weren’t picked for singles, album covers could have been different etc. What if you could control the… Continue reading

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Album Review Score: 75/100 Top 3 Tracks: Genie in a Bottle, Come on Over (All I Want is You), Somebody’s Somebody Genie in a Bottle: 9/10 – Such a… Continue reading

Christina Aguilera: The Xtina X-Tended Megamix is here!

So after four months of audio/video editing, 12 hours of rendering and 5 hours of uploading, my newest megamix of Christina Aguilera is finally done and up on my channel! This beast of… Continue reading