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New: Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix

I’ve recently uploaded the mix for July — Britney Spears’ Circus Album Megamix.     It contains nearly all of the tracks from her sixth studio album. I left out Blur and Mmm… Continue reading

New: Miley Cyrus Megamix [2014]

My new Miley Cyrus Megamix has been uploaded to the channel. It includes Party in the USA, 7 Things, Wrecking Ball, Can’t Be Tamed and We Can’t Stop, which I think is an… Continue reading

New: Kelly Clarkson Megamix

My mix for Kelly Clarkson’s biggest hits is up on my Youtube channel. Check it out! I am working on an extended mix, but obviously, they’re insanely long and take a bit of… Continue reading

NEW: Taylor Swift Megamix

My new and improved Taylor Swift Megamix has been uploaded to my channel. I made one about two years ago and I’ve improved since then and she’s released a new album, so I… Continue reading

New Ke$ha Megamix

I’ve uploaded a new Ke$ha (I don’t know if I’m allowed to write the $ anymore) megamix up to my channel, both in a shortened and extended form.     Due to copyright… Continue reading

Britney Spears: The Blackout Album Megamix Released

The Blackout Megamix has been uploaded to my channel. This was the mix for March and it was both a fun and stressful one to do. I had only listened to Blackout in… Continue reading

March Updates

Surprise, it’s Britney, bitch! I’m working on a megamix for Britney’s Blackout album. The audio is more than halfway done, so expect to see it uploaded by the middle to late March. I’m… Continue reading

NEW: Lady Gaga Megamix [2013]

Hey all! As my belated end-of-the-year/holiday gift, I uploaded my new Lady Gaga Megamix to my channel.   This is the “shortened” version, though I don’t really consider 9 minutes as short as… Continue reading

2000’s Multi-Female Artists Megamix [Hey Ladies Edition]

My newest megamix has been uploaded onto my channel.     The original name for it was The Lost Girls of Teen Pop, but that title doesn’t necessarily fit all of the artists… Continue reading

Two Previews and One Megamix

Hey everyone! This will be an update of sorts for the month of November. First, I hinted  a couple of posts ago that my next mix was going to be Lady Gaga. I’ve… Continue reading